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BFT Accomplishments 2021-2022

Berkeley Federation of Teachers Key Accomplishments of 2021-2022

BFT had many victories last year in advocating for our members, our students and for quality public education.

  • Contract Campaign

BUSD and BFT have been at the bargaining table for a total of nine sessions this past year. While we have tentative agreements on a number of key items such as a 50/50 split on increases to medical insurance and improvements to Human Resources. BFT continues to fight for a strong contract that includes compensation increases. BFT members came out to speak at every Spring School Board Meeting on our negotiations proposals.

  • On-Site COVID Response

BFT advocated for KN95 masks, weekly surveillance testing, and COVID Sick Leave. BFT successfully negotiated language that allowed site based substitutes for the year and negotiated guidelines for classroom coverage in preparation for the unexpected absence of staff during COVID surge. 

  • High Union Membership       

BFT maintained a 98% membership rate and increased the number of members making voluntary monthly contributions to our PAC fund. Our union is as strong as ever.

  • High Member Participation and Engagement

BFT held regular membership meetings this past year as well as surveys. Our members participated in contract campaign actions such as the Teacher Across Berkeley and Site Rallies. We continued our monthly e-newsletter, informative website, social media outreach and negotiations updates.

  • Statewide Engagement     

BFT continues to be a part of the California Alliance for Community Schools (CACS) and has been an essential part of the statewide conversation among local unions. BFT leaders met with the CACS group of 11 other California educator unions regularly to discuss how our collective power creates the schools that our students and educators deserve. We have coordinated contract expirations dates and negotiations proposals.


  • Political Engagement

BFT endorsed candidates for both primaries and general election. BFT organized an open, transparent and inclusive process. Many group members are involved in the decision-making process which includes questionnaires, interviews, debate and then a vote. We successfully endorsed an Alameda County Superintendent of School candidate and three BUSD School Board candidates.